Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reversible Flaps

Here's the first reversible flap I've just finished. This one is UT/Longhorn themed and a burnt orange to "match mom's car". :) I rather like it. The dupioni silk is soooo nice even if it's a bit at odds with the fleece Longhorn reverse applique. I think they ended up working well together though. The silk is reinforced with some iron-on stabilizer and the backing is just a cut-out of the same main fabric I used to make the purse. I jazzed that side up a bit with a pink rhinestone iron-on applique I found at the fabric store.

They're super easy to make. The fabric is 20" X 13" finished size (which is actually too wide and has to be folded over to fit into the pocket with the buttons to attach it... next ones will be 20" X 10" finished size). Placed RIGHT SIDES together and sewn, flipped right side out and topstitched for a more finished look. Then the buttonholes measured and sewn. Super easy after all the junk that went into actually MAKING the purse in the first place. ^_^

Another reversible flap! Go Cowboys!!

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